DENUDING micropipettes

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Denuding pipettes are used to separated cells of cumulus oophurus oocyte.

Microtech Denuding micropipettes are prepared from borosilikate glass tubing (O.D. 1,2 mm, I.D. 0,75 mm), total length 9,5 mm have a blunt opening and are sold straight. They are available in a choice of 3 sizes I.D. of opening: 150μm, 200μm and 300μm.

The colour identity white (I.D. 120-150μm), grey (I.D. 180-200μm) and braun (I.D. 250-300μm).

Pack of 4 pcsFor single use only40 pcs in box

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BrownArticle numbercodeI.D.

Plastic manipulation holder

The holder is designed for gripping and easy manipulation with glass micro tools and capillary tubes with the external diameter of 1-2 mm. The vacual system consists of silicone tube and provides for continuous suck up and release of medium. The holder is manufactured by mechanical machining from acetal copolymer resistant to hydrolysis, to strong alkali effects and to thermal oxidation degradation.

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  • Easy disassembly and assembly allows perfect cleaning of all parts or their exchange
  • Use of exchangeable adapters provides for a universal utilization
  • Closed system provides for a continuous regulation during suction
  • Pressure fuse increases the safety of suction

Safety and cleaning

  • All parts can be cleaned in the ultrasonic bath, retorted or dehumidified up to the temperature of 100°C long-term and at 150°C short-term (1 hour).
  • The holder is manufactured of material harmless to health.